Locked Up Abroad Ecuador - Breaking Bad In Britain

Locked Up Abroad Ecuador - Breaking Bad In Britain

1 x 60'

Nat Geo, 2017

One of the most compelling, relentlessly riveting series TV has ever provided New York Post

Pieter Tritton was making millions as the mastermind of a sophisticated cocaine trafficking operation between Ecuador and the UK but in 2005 he was caught with 8 kg of cocaine. He faced a 12 year sentence inside Garcia Moreno, one of the world’s deadliest prisons where gun fights, executions and riots are a part of everyday life. As a Brit banged up abroad, he had to learn how to survive – and fast – because one wrong move would mean death.

Drama shot on location in Ecuador, facilitated by Roberto Aguirre at Urbano Films. The prison scenes were filmed in the now abandoned prison where Pieter was held.

Pieter Tritton is played by Jesse Briton and his girlfriend Nicky, who was arrested at the same time, by Alice Bird.