Peaches Geldof - Teenage Mind

Peaches Geldof - Teenage Mind

1 x 60'

Sky 1, 2005

It is a film that every nervous parent should watch The Guardian

Peaches' first film explores what it means to be a teenager in Britain today. She meets fellow teens around the UK, along with an advertising executive, a neuro scientist and a sociologist to try and understand the psychological, physical and sociological state of being a teenager.

The film was so well received that Sky immediately commissioned a follow up, Teen America, also directed by Barbie.


An unexpectedly excellent piece of TV, Peaches is a droll observer and her film is an intelligent assessment of whether adolescence is chiefly a social construct or a hell imposed by unformed brains and unruly hormones as well as unreasonable old folk. The Guardian

Peaches Geldof, 16 last month and with her GCSEs next month, already writes for the newspapers. And her documentary, airing on Sky next week is really quite good, thanks in no small part to great direction, research and camera work, which with the best will in the world, isn't down to Peaches The Independent