Paul Merton In China

Paul Merton In China

4 x 60'

Channel 5, 2007

It’s the funniest and most magical thing I’ve seen on telly for a long time The Guardian

Paul Merton is not really what you’d call a seasoned traveller but his rapier, absurdist, and uniquely British wit is beloved by millions. Best known as a cornerstone of the BBC’s Have I Got News For You, he does of course read a lot of newspapers and barely a day goes by without him being bombarded by at least one item on China's apparently unstoppable rise to economic world domination. In fact, according to everything Paul reads, hears and sees, China will, within his lifetime, easily eclipse America as the global super-power.

So Paul has decided it’s time to look at China for himself. He wants to gain some first-hand experience of the nation that will soon be providing a whole new set of cultural values and influences on the way we in the West live our lives.


Nominated Best Factual Series, BAFTA 2008

Nominated Best Series, Broadcast Awards 2008


Opulent camerawork …beautiful looking programme that yearned for HD transmission The Times